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Media Outreach

Utilizing years of journalism experience and high-level media contacts, Agency Byrnes will get your story on the radar of the right reporters, editors and producers at the local, national and international level across television, radio, print and digital mediums. Methods perfected by years of pitching experience will bring results.

Public Relations

We will identify the right thought leaders, trendsetters, government officials, journalists, and others and target them with press releases, social media messages, data, and insights, increasing chances that your news will make headlines. Conversely, we can work to minimize news coverage, when appropriate.

Media Training

Facing lights, cameras, and microphones is a daunting task, but a necessary responsibility for everyone from CEOs and managers to employees and volunteers. Our bespoke Media Training seminars are meticulously researched and custom crafted to meet each client’s needs. Executives from GE, Tenaris, BMW, Mastercard, and other global companies have received Media Training from Agency Byrnes.

Social Media Strategy

Knowing how and when to utilize social media tools like LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Instagram will improve chances of connecting with stakeholders, influencers and customers online. We can offer advice and guidance on the best way to do so.

Crisis Management

No one likes a crisis, but they happen, and you’ll need counsel on how best to work through Breaking News cycles, tragedy and scandal.

Content Development

Let us write the perfect copy for your press release, website, newsletter or advertisement.

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